Thinking Out of the Box

Topics: Thought, Mind, Cognition Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Thinking out of the box

The reality is that there is no box! When we start thinking with open, unconditioned, free from past experiences and fun filled creativity then we are thinking out of the box. The box is a norm where the most of the population in entire world lives. Thinking out of the box is not easy as it requires breaking the chain that are tied to over the years and conditioning from the moment of birth till the time of thinking. Before going deeper into the topic of thinking out of the box we can go through a basic introduction about Thinking out of the box just in case if this is new for you. This is a pretty old concept in the Management text books in 1960s. It describes the nine dot puzzle solving. In the session with Mr. Anil Shrestha, there were several examples of the concept was used for solving a very practical problem. One important part of the lesson was also to have a development of a system for us to really make anything of the “Out of the Box” thought that has been luckily created. Thinking out of the box for Nepal as a whole would be In Nepal it could be something even be different from thinking out of the box and creating new things. I feel it is wiser and easier to import the experiences from the well established countries and build the nation to have the similar enhanced life style for the common people. Thinking out of the box also requires the element of being courageous, experimentaive and even a bit impulsive. It is not possible if a person is not taking the risk. The risk part is not the part in the physical world. It needs to start at the mental level. We are taking about thinking out of the box so it is obvious and important to note that it is of the mind. It is essentially changing the way we think. You need to let the creative, not expected, why-not questions let in the mind and then streamline it to make a feasible concept. So we can conclude that you can think of out of the box when you start believing that there is...
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