Thinking Like a Traveler

Topics: Idea, Cognition, Mind Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Thinking like a traveler
Tom Kelley, General Manager of IDEO
Author of “art of innovation”

* Why choose this video and justify.

The first moment when we see this title, it draws our attentions because it’s interesting, and we have no idea what it means and how it connects with “creativity & innovation” Then, after seeing through this video, we find that he gets a very strong opinion about changing the habit of thinking. We get used to live in a certain way, and don’t have a mind to think the usual things around us, and always think “creativity” is far away from our daily life. Well, he points out that the creativity comes everywhere, anytime if you have healthy mental habits.

* Key points:
1. become hyper-aware of their environment (he use a example, when you travel internationally, your brain is super active, you should try to keep it all the time, and a high state of awareness will help you to spot more opportunities, those opportunities will have value for you) 2. notice the common and everyday with new eyes. (keep good habit of thinking about the things around you) 3. You know, ideas always come from very small thing. So please capture fresh ideas and don't be afraid to use them later. Perhaps the up-to-date ideas will give you power and credibility as an innovator 4. Remember: you are the world, are undisputed expert of your own experience.(please try to capture the lessons from your experiences, you will be able to use those in your careers.)

* Quote: “you can observe a lot by watching”---yogi Berra(new York Yankee) “the real act of discovery consist not in finding new lands, but in seeing with your eyes. ---marcel Proust (writer)
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