Things to Do Before You Turn 18

Topics: Game, Pink Floyd, Continent Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: May 18, 2013
50 things to do before you turn 18!
1. Make a movie and publish it on YouTube (and get at least one comment…) 2. Make a dance to the dumbest song you know…
3. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter
4. Make a prank-call to your neighbor
5. Scream your name from the top of a tall building/ mountain 6. Carve your name and your “significant other’s” initials in a tree with a heart around it. 7. Do not say a word the whole day
8. Go mud-sliding
9. Dance on the street in the rain
10.Cut your own hair
11.Visit all 7 continents
12.Sleep on your balcony
13.Walk on your roof
14.Run away from home (just make sure to come back)
15.Go to a restaurant and use a fake accent the whole time
16.Make your own clothes and actually wear them
17.Make a toothpick replica of the Center point Tower
18.Have a 50’s party and wear the best outfit
19.Spit from a tall building
20. Complete a long road trip
21.Learn to play an instrument
22.Go to a football game and be one of those “crazy fans,” (ie. face paint, foam fingers etc. 23.Bake a cake and eat it
24.Go to a foreign country
25.Fly first-class on an air-plane
26.Re-design your room by yourself
27.Make your own t-shirt
28.Record your own song
29.Own a pointless collection
30.Rock and roll all night, and party everyday
31.Make your own board game and play it
32.Listen to pink Floyd’s dark side of the moon. The whole album without pausing. 33. Become a ping-pong master
34.Be something totally random on Halloween
35.Get away with the perfect practical joke.
36.Eat some combination of food that is really gross…
37.Play a full game of Monopoly and win… which may take a while 38.Score the winning Goal, basket or try.
39. Watch a whole season of your favorite t.v. series
40.Rescue a pet from an rescue center
41.Reply to junk mail and see what happens
42.Order a diet water at a restaurant…
44.Get backstage passes to a good concert, and get an autograph 45.Perform a show in your town’s local square...
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