Things That Will Cause a Car Accident

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Things That Will Cause a Car Accident
Today, there are many car accidents, some are fatal and some leave passengers with lifelong problems. Car accidents are one of the leading factors why the death rate is continuously rising. In this essay I will discuss how speeding, distractions, and how the weather cause car accidents.

The most distinguished cause of accidents is speeding. People speed for many different reasons. Most of the time people don’t give themself enough time to get somewhere so they tend to rush. Another cause would be those who have a need for speed while showing off their car. Most of the time while people are speeding they don’t factor in having to make an abrupt stop. This results in the driver hitting another driver or roadway and ultimately hurting themself.

Another cause of accidents is distractions. Most drivers let things sidetrack them whether it’s another passenger, the radio, or smoking. The most noted distraction that’s leading to a large number of accidents is drivers using their mobile devices while driving. Whenever a driver is not fully focused on driving accidents tend to occur. Drivers should not let distractions affect them while they are behind the wheel seeing that their life along with the life of others is in danger.

Lastly, the weather is a cause of accidents. Although the weather is beyond our control, the way we operate our vehicle in fog, rain, or snow is up to the driver. Not trailing closely behind a car is very important when weather is bad. When driving in inclement weather, drivers should take extra precautions like reducing their speed.

In closing, accidents can be prevented. If we start paying more attention to the road and those around us a lot of car accidents will cease. Giving our self plenty of time to reach our destination will cut back on drivers who are likely to speed. Lastly, we all should change our driving pattern when the weather is bad.
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