Things My Mom Would Never Say

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  • Published : October 12, 2011
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Things My Mom Would Never Say

What’s your mother like? What kind of a person is she? Kind? Mean? Honest? A liar? Maybe shy or frank? Frank . . . this is what a mother usually seems in the eyes of their children, or perhaps, this is because we want them to be. Why? Because our mother could tell us things that we want to hear or would make us happy with confidence and sincerity. For example, you got a new haircut and everyone makes fun of you except your mom, instead she will look straight into your eyes and probably tell you, “Honey, you look great”. Other people may think that she’s just lying to you so that you wouldn’t feel bad, but, she isn’t, because in her eyes no matter how bad you look or smell, you will always be an innocent, fragile and neat little kid. Our mother would never say that we smell or look bad, because that is how our mother is, a sweet loving person that can’t be replace with anyone or anything. Saying something like “I hate you!” or “I don’t care about you!” are blacklisted words for mothers, and a mother that could easily tell her children things like that can’t possibly be considered a real mother, for a lady can’t simply be classified as a mother just because she gave birth to a child, the worth of a mother is measured on their love and affection to their children and/or family. A writer onced mentioned in his poem “Mothers to Others” that: ”Each letter or note comes from their heart

Sent written with love, feelings impart”
It is true that sometimes our mother tells us things that hurts us, but words that came out of people’s mouths have two different sources: the mind and the heart; when my mom tells me things which are somehow offensive, I just simply take it into consideration, because I know that she is thinking with her brain and not with her heart which makes it easy for me to take it lightly. A mother could easily tell her children “I love you” without even hesitating, they could even say it to us during their slumber...
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