Things Fall Apart Paper

Topics: Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, Religion Pages: 4 (1409 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Yiran Meng
Things Fall Apart paper
Umuofia is a primitive and polytheist clan in Nigeria. People in the tribe uphold their own system of tradition, taboo and justice. Several gods that influence all aspect of the members’ life are worshiped, and profane conducts are punished severely. People are not concerned about their personal interests, as they help each other altruistically. As a matter of fact, all the people in the tribe live harmoniously. However, as Achebe depicts in the second part of Things Fall Apart, everything in the clan falls apart due to the appearance of British missionaries. When Christianity is first spread in the tribes, the converts are mostly people who are not valued in the tribe, yet more and more members of the clan are captivated by the new religion under the numerous enticements brought by the leader of the church. The instillation of Christian creeds in the tribe combined with the naivety and superstition of the tribal men gradually devastate people’s communal tradition and religion, which once held the uncivilized and loose culture together as a whole unit; people lose the tribal spirit, so they no longer help each other and start to cast for their own profits. Therefore, everything falls apart. There is a group of people in the clan that are not appreciated due to tribal tradition and people’s value, including titleless men and women that can’t be pregnant or always give birth to twins and specifically, the son of Okonkwo, Nwoye. Those “rejects” are seriously hurt by some inhumane traditions of the tribe; since the whole culture is isolated, they cannot use their extent knowledge to refute the inequalities brought by the tribal conventions. Furthermore, they are despised and estranged by tribal men, so it is reasonable to say that they compose the outer layer of the clan, which always drop first. Nwoye is a great representative of the unvalued men in the tribe. Starting from his childhood, he is beat and discriminated...
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