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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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In the book ‘Thing Fall Apart’ the author Chinua Achebe takes a sort of a universal voice/spirit narrator effect on things. The narrator it seems sort of is above everybody in the story telling it from an outsider’s view, although it takes on a spirit aspect in the fact that it can explain some characters feelings, and thoughts. Oknokwo, Ikemefuna, and Ekwefi were three characters that helped tell the story and give insight on the Igbo society through thoughts and actions. The British missionary, Brown, helped us learn more about the British missionaries in the story. The narrator helped Brown help us learn about the missionaries, by letting us into his thoughts and sort of getting to know him better as a missionary to learn where his motivation was coming from. Throughout the story you notice Ekwefie has a very strong mothering nature in her. She does whatever she can to please her daughter, Ezinma. “Ezinma was an only child at the center of her mother’s world” Page 73. Ekwefie felt her duty was to please Ezinma. Ekwefie may have such strong feelings towards her only daughter, because Ezinma was in fact her 10th child. All nine othersw had died as infants. A scene in this book that describes the mothering nature of Ekwefie is the one in Chapter 9 where it talks about er giving her daughter eggs even though she was told to not give children eggs because it makes them want to steal. Another statement in the book that describes Ekwefies character is the statement made on page 73 “ very often it was Ezinma who decided what her mother should prepare.” Very few children had the privilege of deciding what meals were prepared in the home. Ekwefie is looked at as a very sweet, caring, and nurturing soul, although she also may be labeled a “push-over” by today’s society. She seemed to sort of give her daughter everything she wanted.
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