Things Fall Apart Essay

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  • Published : December 7, 2010
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Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is an interesting novel about the uprising of a man in the Igbo clan of Umuofia called Okonkwo. Throughout the novel you come to understand that Okonkwo lived his life with the fear of becoming like his father Unoka, therefore he strove to become one of the elite men in his clan. Unoka was viewed as a failure because he was a terrible farmer who was lazy, couldn’t provide for his wives and children, and was heavily in debt. The fear drove Okonkwo to become the best warrior of the clan where he ranked up two levels out of four at an early age. Okonkwo became a great and wealthy farmer with many wives and children, but things didn’t remain so perfect in the novel. Numerous changes come towards Okonkwos lifestyle and it begins when he brings in a young lad by the name of Ikemefuna. This character changes the dynamic of the house as he helped groom Okonkwo son Nwoye into a better young man. But things of course head to a downfall when Ikemefuna had to be killed because the tribe ordered it. It seems like the narrator wants to show change as the reoccurring theme throughout the novel. It’s proven when Okonkwo was involved in an accidental shooting and is forced to exile the village for seven years. When Okonkwo does his time away he returns to Umuofia but things were very different from when he left as white missionaries have come to change their religion, customs, and apply a government. Throughout the novel you get a sense that the narrator views religion and customs as a very important aspect as those things come to be question when missionaries arrive to show the people a different way of life. But of course religion and customs are very important in the novel because these things are what affect the decision making and development of the Igbo people. Their everyday activities revolve around religion and what the Gods think is the next proper step. As you read parts when new characters come to play you can see that...
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