Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Things Fall Apart 
Imperialism- The policy of extending the rule of authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries; or of acquiring or holding colonies of independencies (Random House Western College Dictionary). In my view, imperialism is gaining control over foreign objects. Imperialism embodies superiority in three areas, cultural, social and economic domination. These tree areas are relevant in the play "I Will Marry When I Want" by Ngugi Wa Thiongo and Ngugi Womiri. The theme of the play is how imperialism affects a foreign country's government, culture and society in negatively. In this case, Europeans are the imperialists who acquired Kenyan’s territory.  Wa Thiongo and Womiri used the characters to express this idea; three of the characters are Gicaamba, Kiguunda and Kioi. Gicaamba represents the social frustration the foreign objects face by the act of imperialism. Kiguunda displays the effect imperialism has on religion and culture. Kioi portrays the oppressor and the damage of economic domination. Gicaamba is a wise, mature, freedom fighter. He makes the audience question Christianity by pointing out how not all Christians attend church and how come those who are wealthy and pass away are still prayed for at church. Gicaamba is also a factory worker, this way the audience relates to him; most Kenyans work at factories. His song in Act 1 illustrates the social frustration being caused by being over worked and the poverty that Kenyans faced. Their low wages are not enough money to make a living. This causes hunger and lack of health maintenance for families of Kenyans which leads to social frustration. Establishing churches also annoys Kenyans because they don’t believe in the church. This violates the Kenyans' traditions.             Wa Thiongo and Womiri take us closer to the lives of Kenyans by introducing us to Kiguunda's life. Kiguunda’s characteristics and events that occurred in his life deliberate the effect of imperialism in Kenyans'...
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