Things Fall Apart

Topics: Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, Igbo people Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Michael Coronado
Period 4
In Things Fall Apart, Achebe displays the people of Umuafia as a fairly civilized and organized tribe which strongly combats the stereotypes the white people created. These people were criticized as being “savages” running around the wild mindlessly hunting and killing each other. These comments seem to be very inaccurate according to how Achebe has portrayed the tribe in Things Fall Apart through the African’s perspective.

The definition of the word the white people are using to describe these people consists of ones such as “uncivilized”, “wild”, “barbaric”, and “rude”. These are all characteristics that seem to resemble to that of an animal or wild beast roaming aimlessly, without instruction, acting only through natural instinct. They were being criticized of having no government, no manners, and no religion to guide them. These people are making comments that not only are not backed up, but are totally proved wrong by the way Achebe has shown in this novel.

These people show their establishment of a form of government when they give the enemy tribe an ultimatum after defeating them in war. They gave them a choice of being invaded and taken over or sacrificing someone for their village. Ikemefuna was their answer to this which shows that they didn’t simply invade them but instead negotiated like a government would do. The men who are usually seen as the leaders in tribe are those who have physical strength , have many wives, and can support a large family. The practice of polygamy may seem as unusual to our culture but in reality they are still only living by the way they were taught and shows how responsible they are of supporting a large family. This alone shows how they have values and expectations rather than living ungoverned.

Another interesting observation from the novel was how they did have religious festivals referred to as The Week of Peace. This was a week of the year that the whole village would refrain from...
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