Things Fall Apart

Topics: Religion, Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Sulaiman Bah
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“Things Fall Apart”

in understanding of the process of colonization in Africa and the impact of the changes that has incurred, a common case on the colonization of Africa is seen in the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe can be very valuable in the way colonization’s portrayed in Africa. The book is very unique, in that it is told in the point of view of Africans as it disregards much of Europeans point of view. In this factor and one of which the book focuses on specific factors of the influence and colonialism in Africa. These specifics are extremely tending to cause harm to the Igbo society in things fall apart. However, are these effects portrayed in the book accurate to which that is portrayed in the history of colonization’s in Nigeria? To compare these sources of effects in the colonialism of Africans, it is needed to look at the impact which Europeans brought about in the Igbo society. In things fall apart, the European influence is unpleasant throughout the last eleven chapters (chpt. 15-25) of the book. European impacted the Igbo society as to economically, religious, and political ways which affected the social traditions of the “Ibo’s” people of the Igbo society. The European economic influence became a way in which the Europeans used the Igbo society in which they wouldn't realize the negative effects of colonization. The economic benefit persuaded many Africans from rejecting the European influence on the Igbo society in a way that the Europeans built trade posts in Umuofia which build on palm wine and kernel; these two crops became very well a way clansmen got paid. Europeans had a major religious influence on the Igbo society. The Christian missionaries affect the ideology of the Igbo. Many Africans in the Umuofia tribe from the lowest rank to the people of many titles like Ogbuefi Ugonna were convinced to the way of the Christian belief system and converted from the traditional ways of...
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