Thing and Success

Topics: Thing, Energy, Invention Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: April 28, 2013
When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Intelligence has nothing to do without hard work “. Do you agree or disagree with quotation above?

Intelligence is the most important factor for gaining an opportunity to achieve success. Actually intelligence can be called like the first step of success. Every study, every practice is a product of an intelligence or an idea. Without an idea it is not possible to have a hard-work scope. So, main idea or in another name intellgence comes first.

I’m sure that every people have their own aims and dreams that they wanted to realize. Whenever we achieve our proposes we call them success. All these aims can be either spiritual or material things. However I’m focusing on succees in a different way and handling it like creating a difference such as inventing something and etc.

Many people believe that hard-working is the most important thing for reaching the target. These people consider that success comes from their own efforts. They even take refuge behind popular quotes like Einsteins; “success is one percent of inspiration and ninety nine percent of perspiration”. In my oppinion, this is absolutely a deception. Because the “one percent “inspiration” is the thing that makes Einstein, one of the best scientist in the world.

It can be true that the whole success comes with hard work but, the main idea is a product of a sudden intelligence. First idea, creates a permanent opportunity to a work for practicing and completing it. For example, there are many subjects that started to discussed with Einstein’s inventions and nowadays Hawking is still working on them. May be another scientist will continue.

The main difference between intelligence and hard work is that hard work is not able to create someting. It only can practice existing things. Many people can see an apple when it is falling down from a tree. But only a person claimed that this movement depends on gravity. Many of us has seen a bowl while...
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