Thing and Great Friend

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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A person who has made a huge impact on my life is Colton Kirby. He is a great friend who always has helpful advice for everything. He's the type of friend that is more of a older brother and a great rolemodel. He shows that you can be a teenager but also knows when to get things done and for the most part does it. He's always a fun kid to be around and I trust everything he says. He is a great kid who will do anything for his friends it seems everytime I need somebody to help me out with what ever it is I can always count on him. I have nothing but respect for him he has taught me so much in the short years that I have known him. He gets along with everybody and has few enemies. He knows what to do in every situation and its really easy to look up to him and somewhat follow in his foot steps. He has his head on straight and knows what he needs to do to be succesful in life. Everytime I've felt down or needed a solution for a problem he can answer it or be there to help. He pays it forward and thats the thing I respect him the most about. He will help anybody out if their in trouble and wont ask for anything in return because he feels like he's doing his part in life. It's great to hangout with him because he is down to do anything and be smart about it at the same time. I know that he will make something out of himself and will help others do the same, he is all about helping even if it becomes frusturating at times he wont let anybody down. Everybody that knows him has a great deal of respect for him because of the impact he has or will make on their lives. I dont know how I would of gotten throught most of the things I've been through if he hadn't of helped me throught it. He's a great friend and hero and I'm glad that I met him.
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