Thicker Than Water Story Map

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  • Published : April 29, 2011
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Story Map

A Guide to Taking Notes on Fiction
Take notes on each story that you read. Use your own words.

TITLE AND AUTHOR: “Thicker than Water” by Ralph Barbour

SETTING: (List some important details about the time and place.) Place : In a hospital
Time : 20th century, in the 1930s.

CHARACTERS: (Describe the appearance and personality of the people.) The doctor’s friend : Harry Markham
Doctor Burroughs : the surgeon.
The girl’s brother : he is a hero.
Nell : The injured girl.

THE PROBLEM: (Explain the conflict.)
The injured girl’s brother thought if he gave his blood to his sister, he could die after.The lawyer was too persuasive.

PLOT: (Which significant actions move the story along? List as many Important Events as needed.)

1. A young woman is brought to the hospital with a severe neck wound.The patient’s blood will not clot,the doctor needs to find a donor. 2.The patient’s brother appears at the ho
3.The doctor tells the lawyer to use strong language to persuade the girl’s brother to give his blood.

4.The lawyer persuades the brother to give a transfusion to his sister.He gladly makes the sacrifice.

RESOLUTION: ( What is the final outcome of the conflict?)
The young man thinks is going to die.

RESPONSE: (What do you feel about this story? What is its meaning, in your opinion?) I was surprised that the young man didn’t know that a donation of blood was without risk.
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