Thick Face, Black Heart

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Thick Face, Black Heart
The power of Thick Face, Black Heart is your inner strength and the natural state of your true self, where perfect joy, clarity, courage, and compassion are an inseparable part of you. The Thick Face is for showing no fear or wavering from the path and the Black Heart is the emotional strength that drives you forward to complete the goal even when the going gets tough. For me, that perfect harmony of everything is when I make and play my music live. Though I have started to play many shows, my goal is to become a professional touring musician and DJ. In order to reach my goal, I must use two very important ideas from Thick Face, Black Heart: winning through negative thinking and the magical power of endurance.

Being a musician and being a perfectionist are probably the two worst combinations, and luckily I am both. When I am in the studio making a new track, I spend too much time thinking about what I don’t like and not on what I should be actually doing to fix it. We all dwell on the negative thoughts, but that same determination in the negative thinking could, “easily be turned around to become a force that actually nurtures the seed of success” (Chu 128). Negative thinking can take a lot of precious energy that could be better spent elsewhere. In all the time I’ve spent thinking about what I don’t like, I probably could have made that song better and even finished another song as well. On the other hand, positive thinking does not guarantee a successful life. We shouldn’t try to change our own personal opinions of ourselves, and by doing so we are able to free ourselves from the idea that “change comes before success”. The most important thing to remember is that our negativity does not have as much power as our imagination thinks it does. Any artist has a bad gig, a bad day, even a bad album, but the best ones are the ones who can put the bad aside and continue to reach for the best. Everyone has emotional struggles, and trying to...
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