They Took the Children Away

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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This song tells the story about the stolen generation. A male aboriginal, who feels heartbroken about the aboriginal children being stolen, has properly written it. The song criticize the white mans methods, and he thinks they have been robbed of their children. This song is probably been written some time after the first children being “stolen”, I think it’s written in year 1875 or later.

1. The story is about the removal of the aboriginal children, which were “stolen” by the church and the white man. The first and second chapter is about how they lied to the aboriginal families and about the broken promises to the aboriginal families.

In the third chapter the writer describes a removal of a child. He describes it with a physical turn of phrase, which illustrates the kind of violence that was used by the white men.

2. Describe “they”.
I’m pretty sure that “they” mean the white men who abducted aboriginals. According to the song, the white men promised many things, which they didn’t keep. They treat the aboriginals with no respect, and they are brutal when they remove the aboriginal children. They broke many promises and took close to all the aboriginal rights.

3. Language
The language used in this song, is primitive and the writer could be inexperienced with languages. The language creates a strong credibility, which makes you believe that an aboriginal male writes it.

4. Negative/positive words.
1. Chapter, line 3-4:
Like the promises they did not keep
And how they fenced us in like sheep.
These two phrases comments on the white men breaking their promises, to the aboriginals. It also refers to the aboriginal rights being reduced, and how their homelands were taken away from them.

5. Chapter
One sweet day all the children came back
The children come back
The children come back
Back where their hearts grow strong
Back where they all belong
The children came back
Said the children come back
The children come back...
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