They Deserve to Make Money

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  • Published : June 14, 2012
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They deserve to make money
Some people think it is unfair that athletes and actors are paid the amount that they are. How much should someone get paid for doing something they love to do? How hard is it to play a game, or to talk into a camera? The truth is that we all love to watch actors and athletes perform; we pay millions of dollars a day to go see a movie at the theater or to just sit in a loud arena. Unlike most of us, athletes and actors do not have a 9-5 job five days a week. They don’t get to leave the office at 5—they never get to leave. Some hard-working Americans like to drink off a long week with a cold beer at a bar with some friends. If you’re famous and alcohol is involved, believe me, the paparazzi will be there and your face will be plastered on every tabloid from Murphy to Manteo. Actors and athletes are forever in the limelight; they are supposed to be role models for us everyday folks, but we are quick to judge when they make the same mistakes we do. They also have families and such that rarely get to see them because they are always on the road. They have to support them too while they are trying to make a living. What if they get sick? The show must go on, unlike for many of us who are so quick to call out of work for the littlest things. Also, athletes and actors are talented; they’re not your average person, especially an athlete. A person who can spin around in the air and still dunk the ball, or someone who can keep his eye on the ball and still keep two feet in bounds, or an actor who can show great emotion on the spot are extraordinary individuals. That’s why so many people pay their own money to watch them. Many of us even get special packages that cost about $50 extra programmed on our televisions to watch these spectacular athletes play or actors act. I mean it’s not like you get paid for playing sports in high school. You don’t make great money if you’re not a professional athlete. They...
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