They Can Remember It for You Wholesale- Memories Count

Topics: Human, Humans, Africa Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: March 30, 2011
Humans are conditioned from birth to believe that the world is made up of only a material reality. Everything we claim to be true and real about the physical world, we know through the things we see with our eyes, taste with our tongue, touch with our hands, hear with our ears and smell with our nose. Dependant on these senses is what has led the human race to believe that that is where it ends. Our memories are more important than our physical bodies because who we are as human beings is based on our experiences. This is proven in so many different ways which are overlooked in the world of perceptions that we currently live. Science has been proving this fact for decades now and we need not look far to see that this is a fact. One only needs to look at society, science and most importantly themselves to see that our memories are a vital part of human life and living. Are we just flesh and bones? Are we that Asian guy with the nice skin? Or are we that fat guy who has that funny smell? Though this might describe someone, it is not even scratching the surface of who a person actually is. We as humans are not our races or body types. Who we actually are has nothing to do with our physical bodies. We are made up of our experiences and our experiences depend on our memories. In the short story “The Safe Deposit Box”, the main character does not possess a body of his own. Not even a name to call himself. He jumps from body to body and wakes up in another body every morning. He is forced to live in that person’s body for a full day. He explains that “some days I’ve lost control and done things that must have embarrassed them…but, I’ve never set out to intentialy harm anyone.” In this instance he is showing who he is. Not the body that he currently possesses. He is the one who makes the decisions and choices based on all of his experiences. When we wakes up beside a woman who is obviously his wife for the day, he comments, “Yes, my lover has a thousand faces, and yes, a...
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