They Ask Me for Verses

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Definition of OFFICE
a : a special duty, charge, or position conferred by an exercise of governmental authority and for a public purpose :a position of authority to exercise a public function and to receive whatever emoluments may belong to it b : a position of responsibility or some degree of executive authority [Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin officium,from Latin] : a prescribed form or service of worship; : a religious or social ceremonial observance : 

a : something that one ought to do or must do : an assigned or assumed duty, task, or role b : the proper or customary action of something : 
c : something done for another : 
: a place where a particular kind of business is transacted or a service is supplied: as a : a place in which the functions of a public officer are performed b : the directing headquarters of an enterprise or organization c : the place in which a professional person conducts business  02 History of the Office / Origins of the Office:

The office has existed in one form or another throughout history as an administrative adjunct to the centralized power of the state. The Palazzo Uffizi in Florence of the Medici or the Bank of England are notable examples.

The first commercial offices appeared in the northern industrial cities of the United States in the late nineteenth Century. With the invention of the telegraph and telephone, offices could be situated away from the home or factory and control could be retained over production and distribution to distant markets. New technologies such as electric lighting, the typewriter and the use of calculating machines allowed large amounts of information to be accumulated and processed faster and more efficiently than before. The concentration of wealth in the new corporations required an ever-greater proportion of an increasingly literate population to work in the ‘white collar factories’.

In Chicago, the mid-western hub of the American rail network, technologies such as...
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