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How to Make a Good Thesis Title
A thesis title is the first thing a reader will encounter upon picking up your paper. It should provide a concise view of the topic your paper will address, as well as give a sense of what angle you are approaching the issue from. Titles will need to be crafted very carefully and might change many times over the course of writing a thesis paper, as the focus of your writing shifts and you tease out different nuances of the subject. Give yourself a chance to make a positive first impression with your title by making it descriptive representative of your overall work.

1.Your thesis title most importantly should not be a bland statement on the topic your paper covers, no matter how specific. Thesis titles should generally be as carefully worded as the arguments and researched contained in your paper. Make an effort to come up with multiple possible titles that reflect your work. 2.Make sure you have the exact format required for your work or assignment. The most basic format for a thesis title includes a shorter main title that generally describes the work and a longer subtitle that explains the finer details of your research; these are often separated by a colon. If the guidelines for your thesis call for the title to be organized differently, follow them as closely as possible. 3.Conduct a survey using your possible titles to determine which one is the best. Present your classmates and teachers with a short list of your three favorite titles and ask them which appeals to them most. Once you have a clear choice, go back through your paper to make sure that your title is consistent with the tone and point of view of your thesis. 4.If your paper deals specifically with a time period, make sure to mention this in the title. Include the dates or years at the end of the subtitle, following a colon. As an example, if your thesis addressed the last years of World War II, your title might read "Ending the Conflict:...
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