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Thesis/Dissertation Institutional Format/Outline

Chapter 1

The Problem and Its Setting


The Introduction answers the questions:

– What is the research topic? (AREA OF INTEREST)

– What were the findings of previous authors who worked on it? (DEVELOP THE BACKGROUND)

– What gap or need have you identified from previous researches? (INTRODUCE THE PROBLEM)

– What do I expect to accomplish (objectives) or prove (hypothesis)? (STATE THE PURPOSE AND THE RATIONALE)

Theoretical/Conceptual Framework

(Note: if theories are directly referred to, then the research study uses a theoretical framework; if the study is based on concepts, then the research uses a conceptual framework).

What to do _
a. Specify the theory used as basis for the study;
b. Mention the proponents of the theory;
c. Cite the main points emphasized in the theory;
d. Support his exposition of the theory by ideas from the other experts; e. Illustrate his theoretical framework by means of diagram/paradigm; and f. End up by reiterating his theoretical proposition in the study.

The model of the theoretical framework is shown in Figure 1.

Independent Variable Dependent Variable

Figure 1. Model of the Theoretical Framework

The model of the conceptual framework is shown in Figure 1.

Independent Variable Dependent Variable

Figure 2. Model of the Conceptual Framework

Operational Framework

The researcher has to develop the operational framework of his study after formulating the theoretical/conceptual framework,. While the theoretical/conceptual framework is the theory/concept on which the study is based, the operational framework is the operationalization of this theory/concept. Through the operational framework, the researcher will be able to show the relationships of the different variables/parameters that he wants to investigate.

What to do _
a. Cite the operational model or paradigm;
b. Identify the independent variables;
c. Mention the dependent variable and its indicators and categories; d. Point out the intervening variables that can explain variances in the dependent and independent variables; and e. Show the direction of the study.

Independent Variable Dependent Variable


Figure 3. Model of the Operational Framework

Statement of the Problem

This study will determine the impact of TV commercials on the buying behaviors of housewives. Specifically, this will seek answers to the following sub-problems:
3. etc.

Statement of Hypothesis

The following hypotheses are the tentative answers to the research problems. The null forms will be subjected to statistical testing at .05 level of significance through the corresponding appropriate statistical tests: 1. The higher the level of self-efficacy, the higher the degree of positive attitude towards IT adoption

2. High emotive effort is positively related to high job satisfaction.

Assumptions of the Study

The study will revolve around the following assumptions which are the givens of the problems: 1. Radio is one single mass medium that can bypass illiteracy 2. Radio has the quality of wide range and is pervasive. 3. School children are generally vulnerable to the influence of mass media.

Scope and Delimitation

The scope and delimitation of the study aligns and focuses the research in the desired and expected perspective

This can be defined in terms of:
a. Geographical area What is the geographical coverage?
b. Time Frame What is the time limit?
c. Variables What variables are included? Excluded?
d. Unit of Analysis What is being studied?...
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