Thesis Statement Renting vs Buying

Topics: Real estate, Money, Property Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: April 3, 2011
  Renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house.

  Renting now can make things become a bit easier later. Saving money is what every American wants to do. Buying a home can not only hurt someone financially but it can put them in a bind that can have them paying a bill for the rest of their life. The economy is on a rollercoaster right now so making the decision to buy a home can be a tad bit tricky. Buying a home is not a one time transaction because once you have the home you continue to pay bills such as mortgage fees and cosmetics. Thinking about the money that you may have to come out of is a good enough reason on why you would want to save up money to take care of some of the fees that will occur when making the decision to buy a home. If you own your home, you can claim your property taxes on your tax return. You can also get a tax credit if you make certain renovations to your home to make it more energy efficient - like energy efficient appliances and windows. This one is pretty minor, but assuming you have a fixed rate mortgage, your payment should stay the same. This provides a nice protection against inflation. Renters on the other hand, will watch their monthly payments rise as inflation rises. One of the things my boyfriend and I are most excited about is the ability to customize our house. Apartment living is full of rules and restrictions of what you can and can’t do. I am excited to have the freedom to paint the walls, landscape, and install a new faucet – if I would like.

Renting can put some of these things in someone else’s hands to where you can save the money that is extra from your monthly payment. Renters don't have to pay for anything that breaks down in their apt. Homeowners have to pay for repairs themselves. When renting an apartment you will never have to worry about fixing the toilet, sink, or plumbing because all of those things are paid by the landlord. Skipping these fees leaves more money in your piggy...
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