Thesis Statement Outline

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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Thesis Statement and Outline

America’s education: the molten pot of diverse races, cultures, morals, values, ideas, and beliefs, of which, shape the character of young influential minds in public and home schools.

I. The foundation for America’s public education.
A.The nineteenth century public schools.
1.Diverse races/immigration.
2.Moral Education.
B. The twenty-first century public schools.
1. Achievement scores began to decline, discipline and behavior problems increased. 2. Character education.

II. The foundation for America’s Homeschooling.
A. Throughout history only the elite could afford Tudors and education.
1. Until relatively recently, the vast majority of people were educated by family members, especially during early childhood and in the fields or learning a trade.
2. Most childhood education occurred within the family or community, sheltered from negative social influences and damage to morals and values. Homeschooling in the modern sense is an alternative in developed countries to attending public or private schools.

B. Motivations for Homeschooling today.
1. Most are concerned about the school environment, including such reasons as safety, drugs, or negative peer pressure, prevalent in public schools, and wish to provide religious or moral instruction. Others are dissatisfied with academic instruction at public schools.

2. The education of a child is the parent’s right, as well as, the inclusion of morals, values, religion, and core beliefs. III.Opposition to home schooling.
A.The neglect of child rights.
1. The lack of socialization with peers of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, as well as, sheltered from mainstream society, or denied opportunities that are their right, such as social development.

2. Homeschooling can potentially give students a one-sided point of view, as their parents may,...
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