Thesis Statement

Topics: Hamburger, Nutrition, Saturated fat Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: December 27, 2011
Mcdonald’s Big Mac Versus Hardee’s 1/3lb Thickburger
Comparing the Mcdonald’s Big Mac to the Hardee’s 1/3 Original Thickburger If you are trying to decide among fast food burgers,you may be considering both the Mcdonald’s BigMac and the Hardee’s 1/3 Original Thickburger. Based on input from thousands of users, we have learned that nutrition,taste and portion size are the most important considerations for choosing between fast food burgers. When we compared these two fast food burgers,the Mcdonald’s Big Mac completely dominated,out performing the Hardee’s 1/3 Original Thickburger in nutrition,taste, and portion size. These fast food burgers are radically different from one another,and which is best for you ultimately depends on who you are and what you value in fast food burgers. Nutrition: if you are searching for fast food burgers for low fat,it is a crucial consideration. Nutrition is often rated as the most important factor in choosing fast food burgers for low fat,in addition to fast food burgers for your health and fast food burgers with under 600 calories. Nutrition is made up of ten sub-categories,calories,total fat,saturated fat,transfat and others. For nutrition,an important difference between the Mcdonald’s Big Mac and the Hardee’s 1111/ Thickbuger is total fat. While the total fat for the Mcdonald’s Big Mac is 540 grams,that of the Hardee’s Thickburger is 770 grams,a sizable difference of 230 grams. Total fat is especially important for your health. Taste should be on your radar if you are looking for fast food burgers for general use. Taste is often rated as the most important factor in choosing fast food burgers for general use.Taste is made up of three sub-categories:overall flavor,spiciness and meat quality. One factor that goes into evaluating taste is overall flavor,which is important for ranking fast food burgers for general use.Many people find that overall flavor is a significant considerations,and the difference between the Mcdonald’s Big...
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