Thesis Statement

Topics: United States Constitution, Firearm, Right to keep and bear arms Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: April 20, 2011
My thesis statement is the right to bear arms and I feel that the second amendment to the constitution is very important to the health of all people. I realize that most people do not like to have firearms but this should not apply to all people. If we look at the bird flu that happened, the reason why everyone got sick is due to over population of Canadian geese. We have hunters out there that enjoy hunting and just to go for the sport thus making sure that the species are not over crowding which will cause diseases to mankind.

In addition to just the animal aspect of using firearms, you also have to look at the same amendment in being using the firearms for entertainment; they are used to protect the nation. We live in a nation where you have the freedom to carry firearms; however, there are safety measures taken in being able to have a firearm in your possession. You must go through a very tedious background check before you are allowed to take the purchase out of the store. This paperwork normally takes a week or more. If this step was not taking the wrong people would have the weapons in their possession which could lead to problems in our nation. If no one were allowed to have firearms we would have more crime than what the people could handle. The safety of the people would be endangered greatly.

If the American people were not allowed to have firearms who would protect the country and how would this be done? The world would end up coming to an end. The United States is a superior nation because our government is not afraid to allow its people the right to carry and own firearms. Our government was created to ensure our freedoms and rights, the people in charge of our government need to come to the realization the you can not suit and satisfy every one without infringing on the rights of another, and when our government fails in its duties to effectively secure all of our rights, we have the obligation to abolish that government and form a new one...
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