Thesis: Should Abortions Be Legal?

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Should Abortions be Legal?
Regina Corroa
PH103 Informal Logic
Barri Mallin
June 20, 2010

Should Abortions be Legal?
Abortion is defined as intentional termination of a pregnancy after conception (O’Brien). Abortion is a very touchy subject that has been around for thousands of years. When emotions are used for reasoning this is called a fallacy. With this particular issue the fallacy “slippery slope” is very common in the persuasion of arguments (Moore, p 182). Slippery slope is when one thinks a simple action can lead to more complicated consequences in the future. There are many risks that are involved with abortion that should be deliberated very carefully before making the decision to proceed. There are many laws against abortion, but no one can prohibit women from having an abortion. Nearly one million women sought out abortion, two decades before abortion was legalized, thousands died and tens of thousands were mutilated (Kilinger). Before abortion was legalized women were desperate to abort the pregnancy and would choose places that others would never dare to enter. These types of places were very unsafe to all. There were thousands of lives killed during this time. When looking at statistics it is very overwhelming to see that approximately 42 million abortions occur yearly worldwide (Guttmacher). Society has made it like it is no big deal to have an abortion now a days. We are blind to what is really going on and how bad it really is. People seem to look the other way than to really see that it is happening to their friends and family. People seem to distract others so not to see how badly it really is. This is a type of Red Herring (distraction) from the major problems. (Moore). There are many reasons why abortion should not be legal, long term health risks, physical damage, psychological and spiritual impact. Anti-thesis

If you tell a child not to eat the candy in the candy jar, and you walk away, more than likely the child will eat a piece of candy from the jar. Adults are the same, in that if we make abortion illegal it will only force women to be more secretive as to when, where, and how the procedure is done. Women have been fighting for their rights for decades. For instance, in the late 1800’s early 1900’s women were fighting for their right to vote; now it’s for their right to decide if they want to keep their fetus or not (Lowen). Think for just one minute about a woman who has been raped and a child was conceived because of this unwanted action, she should have the choice to have an abortion. In this situation, the woman should have the option to abort the pregnancy Rape is a crime and a woman should not be punished for what happens to her without her consent(O’Brien). She is the one that would have to look that child in the face each and every day. This could result in having the woman re live what had happened to her. A child should be the light of your life, not a painful reminder . Another reason abortion might be an option is when it is determined that the child or mother would die during child birth if the pregnancy is not terminated. The majority of time the choice is geared towards the woman, but men should have some say so as well. Women and men should have the right to choose when their unborn child has severe birth defects. This could be very physically and mentally draining on the parents. Some people are just not capable of handling that type of responsibibltiy. Unfortunaltely some couples disagree as to when a family should be started. Some married women are ready to begin a family before their husbands. It has been known that the woman will tell the man that she has been taking her birth control pills when she has intentionally not been taking them to get pregnant on purpose In any case it would be an extremely hard decision to make. Times have changed a lot and the procedures have improved in many ways. Procedures have gotten better with newer equipment...
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