Thesis Sales and Inventory

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Background of the Study1
Project Context2
Purpose and Description4
Scope and Limitations6

Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature8

Chapter 3: Technical Background17
Techniques on E-commerce18
Techniques on Multimedia Systems19
Techniques on Database21
User Design Interface22

Chapter 4: Design and Methodology31
The Existing System32
The Proposed System33
Database Structure48
Web Map53
Program Hierarchy54

Chapter I
Background of the Study

Project Context
Company Profile

Cabel Fine Furniture was established on 1995 by Gemma Cabel. The store is currently located on 2949, Rizal Avenue Extension, Sta. Cruz, Manila where customers walk-in for more than a decade. Through the years, Cabel Fine Furniture has proven its professional standard of service, integrity and reliability. It focuses on distribution of home and office furniture, which include sofa sets, entertainment sets, wardrobe cabinets, dining sets, bed sets, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, office tables and chairs, computer tables, and a variety of folding tables, storage boxes and drawers. The company ensures fine quality products with designs that will bring refined simplicity into any home or office. Apart from readymade furniture, the company also provides customized and made-to-order furniture.

Specific Departments
Sales manager - direct a company's sales program and also advise their sales representatives on ways to improve their sales performance, achieve goals and obtain expected quotas.
Sales Clerks - treats customers with efficiency and respect while answering their questions about products. Sets up advertising displays or arranges merchandise on counters or tables to promote sales. Stamps, marks, or tags price on merchandises. They also total bills, accept payment, and makes change for customers.

Delivery Manager - Coordinate deliveries with carriers to ensure that the items to be sold are delivered.
Warehouse Supervisor - Manage inventory accuracy through monitoring of daily warehouse activities.

Clerical Worker - provides assistance to other employees within a business who seek administrative support.

Daily Business Flow
The companies obtain their clients through the following ways: 1.) Walk-in customers. When the customers walked into the store they are offered a wide variety of products which is displayed on the gallery. They are to be accommodated by the sales clerk to ask of their purpose. Each clerk is aware of each of every product information that the customer might ask for. When the customer chooses a specific product(s) to purchase, the sales clerks passes the information manually to the warehouse to check if there is an available stock specific to the customers’ needs. The purchase can be made via cash or credit card.

2.) Through other E-Commerce sites. The Cabel Fine Furniture is a partner of an international company which is Pinas Gift who manages an e-commerce website that can be found at In this e-commerce website the products are displayed in gallery and when the customers purchase this product the company passes the information purchase to their partners who are in-charge of a specific region and product availability. The customer sends their payment through cash delivery or credit card. The Pinas Gift put a mark-up on the prices in exchange for their service.

Purpose and Description
When the researchers studied the company Cabel Fine Furniture, they had discovered two main problems; 1. The slow business expansion due to the lack of marketing. Although, the company has another e-commerce partner that gives them customer opportunities, the lack of endorsement from it will be a vital business flaw that the researchers foresee will hurt the company in the long term. 2. That the company does not have an automated system that...
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