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Thesis report guidelines for a system project

BIT Thesis Group

Bachelor’s Thesis Guidelines DP in Business Information Technology 2010-1

Thesis report guidelines for a system project

The purpose of this guide is to give instructions how to write a thesis, when the thesis is a system project.

This guide is for BIT students.

The basic structure and instructions of the guide have been taken from the Writing your thesis at HAAGA-HELIA document.

The main parts of the guide are
1 The basic structure of the system project thesis
2 Guidelines for the contents of the system project thesis
3 The system work thesis in a nutshell.

There are also instructions concerning the confidential material of the thesis.

When writing the thesis the BIT student must also follow the common instructions concerning bibliography, references, use of source etc. given in Writing your thesis at HAAGA-HELIA. See HH extranet Studies/Thesis/ThesisReportGuide(word2007).

1 The basic structure of the system project thesis

Cover page

Assessment statement


Work implementation
Summary and conclusions


- the actual results of the system project delivered to the sponsor The confidential results (if any) are not in the public version. In the library version there are only short references of the confidential appendices.

Back cover

Note! Confidential material

If the thesis contains business or trade secrets, then 1) primarily the sponsor and business branch are blotted out from the thesis and its appendices.

If that is not possible, then
2) the confidential appendices are removed from the public thesis (which goes to the HAAGA-HELIA library and to the electronic Theseus library) and in the appendices there are only a list of the results with short descriptions of their purpose.

Note! Numbers of the sections

The first numbered section is the “Introductions” section with number 1 and the last the "Recommendations". The other numbers depend on the way you dived and label the thesis sections. 2 Guidelines for the contents of the system project thesis

Cover page
• educational institution, logo
• name of the thesis
• writer's/ the writers' names
• text = “Bachelor´s Thesis”
• training programme
• publication year

See Thesis cover example

You may edit your thesis title also after you have completed your work to ensure that the title matches with the contents.

Assessment statement
• the final assessment statement, which is given to the student after the thesis assessment meeting.

• must fit to one page
• in English only
• short, independent presentation of the contents of the thesis, is published in the HH library • contents: background, deliverables and other objectives, delimitations, used methods, obtained results, conclusions and given recommendations • also bibliographic information

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