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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Human resource management Pages: 51 (14664 words) Published: April 7, 2013

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1 Introduction
1.1 Background of the study:
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a professional course. The course is designed with an excellent combination of practical and theoretical aspects. After completing BBA certain times is preserved for internship/Thesis. As a student of BBA with the requirement of my course I was assigned a topic for my thesis. However, I was very much interested to know how to work to prepare a thesis report. So I am very much grateful for assigning the Thesis topic by my course-coordinator as “Application of Herzberg’s Two Factors Theory on the students of private universities: A study on Bangladesh Perspective.”

1.2 Objective of the study:
Though the main objective is to prepare myself in such a manner as though I can equip myself with the practical field as well as I will be able to know the different aspect of the needs and demands of a student studying in any private university. In addition, the study seeks to achieve the following objectives: To know the structure of different private universities.

To know the work environment and organizational behaviors of those universities. To get through various students of different private universities. To find out how the students think about their university.

To see how the university deals with their students.
To acquire knowledge about the needs of the students.
To analyze the week point of any university.
To analyze the growth of a university.

1.3 Scope of the study:
Private universities are playing a very important role in modern Bangladesh. In our country there is a little number of public universities and a little number of students gets a chance to study there. After being failure to get a chance in a public university many of them try to get admission in a private university with lots of hopes and expectation After conducting this project I come to know about different problems and needs of those students that they are facing to...
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