Thesis Proposal Format

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Thesis Proposal


At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
1. Identify the requirements needed in the completion of the thesis proposal outline.
2. Describe each section of the outline and have a clear
understanding on how each section should be completed.
3. Understand the importance of project management in the
completion of a particular undertaking.
4. Determine the proper format of writing the resources and
citations used by the group in the completion of their thesis proposal documentation.
1. Listen to others with respect.
2. Cooperate and participate in the development of the thesis proposal.
1. Integrate the techniques in managing a project in the completion of the thesis project.
2. Incorporate the specified format in writing the thesis proposal. MATERIALS/EQUIPMENT:

handouts on the format of the bibliography and citations, title page, recommendation sheet, acceptance sheet, approval sheet

This will be the suggested flow of discussion for the course topic, Thesis Proposal Outline:

Thesis Proposal Outline
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Discuss the thesis proposal outline.
Cite examples on each section of the outline.
Identify the format for the thesis proposal documentation.
Determine the techniques in managing a project.
Discuss the format in writing the thesis documentation.

Thesis Proposal Outline
The thesis proposal is the key document in preparing for the thesis process. The thesis proposal outline is essential in organizing the detailed research and in assisting the student in identifying the direction the research should take. The outline assists you and your advisors in keeping track of what has been accomplished and what you have yet to complete.

The thesis proposal outline is divided into four sections: Introduction, Project Description, Project Management, and Appendix which will be discussed in detail in the succeeding section.
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Outline of the Thesis Proposal

* Property of STI
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Thesis Proposal
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1.1 Background of the problem
This should contain a discussion on the general problem to be addressed by the thesis work.
Quoted below is the general problem of the thesis project,
“Pahina: Educational Role Playing Game Based on Ancient
Philippine Literature” from STI-Caloocan:
“The study of Ancient Literature in the Philippines is conceived by most as under the coverage of the learned and the patient. As a result, Philippine literature is considered as a course students have to inevitably pass, but rarely enjoyed. This

seems to be such a waste of a great heritage…This heritage of the Filipinos must be passed on to the next generation, to
preserve our past.”
“Educational games are becoming a popular mode of learning for young children nowadays….As it is, most of these
educational games in the market are geared for the
young…Complexity of these games increases as the age of
the child increases. That is also the reason why educational games targeted for the older set of adolescents to the young adults are rarely developed.”
“Presented with these developments, the proponents intend to propose to develop a game based on the characters and
events found in the various literatures of ancient Philippines to interest the college students of STI Caloocan and provide
them a means to connect with their own past.”

1.2 Overview of the Current State of the Technology
This should contain the current solutions being implemented
and the problems with each of these. The discussion could
either be in chronological or logical order. This should include only enough detail to show the specific improvements
introduced by each. This should lead to the specific problem that the proponents intend to address. The information...
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