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The teaching performance of the teachers should be responsive and geared toward educational reform in order to evolve ways of improving the quality of education. The teachers have been considered as major factor in considering the quality of the effectiveness of the program and the quality of students produced. Educational trends and development are characterized by innovative methods, and approaches to improve the teaching performance of teachers.

A quality teacher is the central criterion for the offering of quality education.

The strength of an educational system largely depends upon the quality of teachers, tremendous responsibility rest on the in-service training being provided by the administrations.

The quality education depends upon the competence of teachers. These competencies can be realized through in-service training programs.

The success of education lies in the effectiveness of performance of the teachers handling the different subjects in the entire course or program. It is safe to say that educators play a crucial role in the development and molding of the youth for the future. The attitude of the mentors towards their work and more specifically, their morale and degree of job satisfaction can contribute a lot toward optimum performance in their task.

The philosophical notion that “good education leads to good life” is still widely held by many Filipinos. The persistent clamor for quality education over the years is a common goal that almost educators aim for.

Fully recognizing the aspiration for quality education, the framers of the 1981 Constitution explicitly provided for it in Article XIV, section I thus I

“The states shall protect and promote the rights of citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take the appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.”

The Educational Act of 1952 underscored the necessity of conducting studies as well as developing and evaluating curriculum offered in higher education most particularly to foster programs for teacher education curriculum.

It is therefore necessary that teacher training institution look into the different ways to improve the findings of the Commission. There are areas of concern that have been identified relative to the improvement of the higher education with instruction and efficiency as the focus of reforms.

It is common knowledge that the characteristic performance, efficiency and morale of educators produce a strong impact on the quality of instruction.

Broadly conceived, the teacher education program enhances the capacity of institution of higher learning to provide and promote better learning atmosphere and service. Relative to such are development programs which provide new shells and knowledge to the teachers. Teacher education plays an important role in the promotion of a total person in the field of education. It strengthens the issue that colleges and universities are the source of knowledge and competent men and women in the various areas human endeavor. Low quality in all levels of education can be improved by establishing development program.

In 2001, the then Department of Education, Culture and Sports, now the Department of Education (or DepEd), began a process of curriculum restructuring aimed at improving the quality of Filipino learners and providing them the necessary skills for lifelong learning. The resulting 2002 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) is being implemented nationwide beginning June 2002. Among the new curriculum’s notable features is the reorganization of subjects into five learning areas, namely: Filipino, English, Science, Mathematics, and Makabayan. The latter integrates previously separate subjects such as Social Studies, Physical Education, Health and Music, and Technology and Home Economics. Values Education, on the...
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