Thesis Proposal

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Chapter I
Project Context
Information system is an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for delivering information, and knowledge. Individuals rely on information systems, generally Internet-based, for conducting much of their personal lives. The Seventh Day Adventist Church located at Sto. Domingo, Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya discovered an alternative medicine that can cure diseases such as Bone Joints Disorders, Breast Disorders, Ear Disorders, Eye Disorders, Head and Brain Disorders, Heart and Blood Vessel Disorders, Kidney and Bladder Disorders, Liver Disorders, Gall Bladder Disorders, Neck Disorders, Nose Disorders, Pancreas Disorders, Prostate Gland Disorders, Penis and Scrotum Disorders, Skin and Muscle Disorders, Stomach and Intestine Disorders, Uterus and Ovaries Disorders, Vaginal Disorders, and Animal and Insect Bites. It is considered by the church as a major breakthrough in alternative medicine. The alternative medicine is called the charcoal. The charcoal originated from hard woods of medicinal variety, coconut shells of mature coconut fruits, and a healthy bone of clean animals. The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Sto. Domingo, Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya is one of the organizations that adopts the medication process among its church members and the people of Nueva Vizcaya. This extraordinary discovery is already proven by many patients who were cured from their ailments using the medicinal charcoal. Despite of its effectiveness in healing malignant diseases, there are only few people from the locality who knew about the healing power of the medicinal charcoal. In fact only the church members are benefited by its healing power. Much to the desire of the Church leaders to disseminate the information, the church lacks resources and financial capacity to finance the marketing process of the medicinal charcoal. Currently, the church only depends on paper-based information system such as brochures, flyers and church meetings in disseminating the information. The cost of production using the current dissemination process is high. The continuous discovery of medicinal charcoal as an additional medicinal source of alternative medicine also requires updates on the brochures and flyers. The church needs to reproduce new articles so that people in Nueva Vizcaya and its church members become updated of the new information. Although there are vast of information about the charcoal, there is no specific or available information that focuses on the making of the medicinal charcoal and on how to use it. Recognizing the limited means in disseminating information, the proponents aim to develop an information system on medicinal charcoal. The Medicinal Charcoal Information System will serve as an information tool that encourages users to be more aware about the uses and benefits of medicinal charcoal such as physical characteristics of charcoal, industrial uses of charcoal, medical uses of charcoal and therapeutic effects of charcoal. The system will minimize the expenses of its operation simulation a viable and efficient information dissemination tool. 2

Purpose and Description of the Project
This study aims to develop a web-based information system that will serve as knowledge data bank about medicinal charcoal. The provision of the web-based information system will serve as a tool for its members to easily access the information system. The description of the web information system provides information about the medicinal charcoal, its health benefits and also includes testimonies of those who tried to use the medicinal charcoal as alternative medicine. It has a pdf file that can be downloaded which contains: the materials and procedure on how to make a medicinal charcoal, how to prepare a charcoal powder and a charcoal poultice and the indication of the charcoal drink and charcoal poultice. There is also disease management which contains the different diseases and list...
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