Thesis: Plato's World of Forms

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  • Published : March 9, 2008
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Thesis: Plato's World of Forms is part of his philosophy that helps one to understand the way that things exist in this material world; through this World of Forms, one is compelled to realize that objects are not always the way they appear to be in the material world, but in the World of Forms they are in their essential forms.

Introduction: To most people, objects do seem to exist in their very essence. However, it must be asserted that not all that the human eye sees is necessarily real. This may be said because of the fact that there could be other possible explanations or considerations given to the world as it is. One particular consideration that needs to be given to the explanation of self-existence and existence of matter around us is Plato's views of the ‘World of Forms'. This view provides one with a diverse understanding of how objects and human beings exist.

Analysis: Everything that exists in the world of forms is real. Things in the world of forms are not as they are in the material world. Plato holds that all that exists in the world of forms is perfect. He says it is perfect because there is no need to change. No change is associated with the perfect world because there is no need to change. Nothing is produced, and nothing is destroyed because there is no need to. This is in complete contrast to the way that things exist in the material world. In the material world objects and even people undergo constant change with time, and nothing appears to stay the same.

Aside from objects also deteriorating with time, human beings too deteriorate or age with time. This specifically refers to the body of an individual, and this is because it is also composed of matter; just like the matter around it also goes through phases and then deteriorates.

The body of an individual is actually considered to be a shell that harbors the immortal soul, and after one's life is over in this material world, the body dies, while the immortal soul passes on...
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