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Chapter 1
Situational Analysis
According to Rooney (2010), all payrolls used to be calculated manually, without any help from a computer. Professional accountants invested a lot of time and energy into keeping track of all employee data, files and information, calculating monthly salaries, hourly remunerations, bonuses, sick leaves, benefits, taxes, deductions and so on. And they did this all by keeping numerous files filled with track records for each and every person employed. Nowadays, however, things are far simpler than they used to be. Technology is always dedicated to making things easier and better, quite a wide variety of computerized payroll systems is available to save from tedious task. Now, instead of keeping dozens of files and spending endless hours calculating, all you have to do is get a payroll software system and let it do all the nasty work. He described that the manual payroll system means doing everything by hand, while a computerized one will enable its users to store unlimited data, keeping track of everything. He added that a manual payroll system, you'd have to keep track of all employees' time by hand, He stated that the computerized payroll system is payroll software you can automatically transfer all punches or swipes directly into the system, which will store them instantly. It can even separate regular work hours fromovertime, and calculate the different remunerations according to setparameters. And if human error sneaks in even with the most organized manual payroll system, computerized payroll software will provide accurate calculations regardless of the amount of data stored. He compared to computerized software systems; the manual payroll system takes up valuable time, resources and money. Instead of wasting valuable time with the tedious accounting tasks, the software calculate the paychecks, while you work on developing your business, increasing production and revenue. Katz (2004) stated the burden of payroll and tax preparation can be eased by hiring an in-house accountant, purchasing the state of the art payroll software or by outsourcing your load to a local accountant, payroll service or to an internet payroll service. Different types of payroll software just by doing a quick research on the web. Several of these payroll programs are exactly the same software just branded under different names. It is almost impossible to find a payroll software program that meets all theneeds of your business without having a program designed. Payroll encompasses every employee of a company who receives regular wage or other compensation. Some employees may be paid a steady salary while others are paid for hours worked or the number of items produced. All of these different payment methods are calculated by a payroll specialist andthe appropriate paychecks are issued. Companies often use objectivemeasuring tools such as timecards or timesheets completed by supervisors to determine the total amount of payroll due each pay period.

Regi Jubilo(2010), in a company, payroll is the sum of all financialrecords of salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions. The current Federalpayroll service environment evolved over many years of incrementalchanges that have been implemented in different ways across theGovernment. The influence of Agency-unique interpretation of legislation, regulation, and HR policies have all contributed to a complex set of requirements that, when taken together, create an obstacle to themodernization of payroll systems and processes. Twenty-two Government providers currently deliver Federal civilian payroll services using 14 separatesystems. The four largest – Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, Department of Interior, and General Services Administration –service over 80 percent of the total civilian payroll, accommodating over 190different pay plans. Because of age and capacity limitations of payrollprocessing environments, many service providers have...
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