Thesis Paper What You Pawn I Will Redeem

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Humor acts as as a remedy for Jackson Jackson and other characters, as they find relief during situations of negativity. In the short story, What You Pawn I will Redeem, the author, Sherman Alexie, uses humor often when talking about Indian stereotypes and in ironical situations. Alexie uses humor ironically through his characters to show how they can get passed through harsh moments with laughter. An example when Alexie’s character, Jackson Jackson used humor in this story was when he was awoken from a drunken comma on the railroad tracks by a police officer. As Jackson wakes up he recognizes Officer Williams, a good white cop with a sweet tooth. “I am taking you over to detox,” Officer Williams said. “No man, that place is awful. It is full of drunken Indians.” They both laughed and drove off. “I do not know how you guys do it” he said. “What guys?” Jackson asked. “You Indians. How the hell you laugh so much? I just picked your ass off the railroad tracks, and you’re making jokes.” he said. Jackson replied, “The two funniest tribes i have ever been around are Indians and Jew, so I guess that says something about the inherent humor of genocide.” In this conversation Jackson uses humor to find laughter in a situation where Indian stereotypes say that all Indians are alcoholics. A further meaning to this is that Jackson uses humor to get past this situation. When compared to his life, multiple divorces, flunking out of college, and being a homeless alcoholic, shows his capability of moving on past events the way he laughed off the comment about drunken Indians.
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