Thesis Paper of Film Distribution

Topics: Film, Cinema of India, Movie theater Pages: 55 (21154 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Film Exhibition and Audiences in Bangladesh :
Big-Screen Today and Tomorrow

This thesis examines the current exhibition environment of our films along with the changes that may reshape the distribution process with the introduction of the new digital technology in a time when our Bengali Films may enter into the global media playground. Moreover the thesis analyses closely the different types of audiences of the current time and try to identify the trends which have the potentials to reshape our present audience into a more complex and multidimensional audience with new technologies in a changing exhibition environment. The main focus of this research is based on the cinema halls and how viewing films in different kinds of cinema halls is evolving with newer challenges. Although the thesis also provides a brief discussion on the history of our film exhibition and audiences, the main goal is to identify the future trends like digitization of films which will reshape our present film exhibition and audiences. To understand the current distribution process better the thesis aims to address the activities of the existing important players like booking agents, exhibitors and distributors .Moreover the Thesis analyzes the role of these important players of film distribution with the evolving technological trend like digitization. The thesis also examines the changing story telling patterns of the young film makers who have created a new audience through their own unique way of story telling. The thesis analyzes the globalization possibilities of Bengali films with respect to the active participation of the Non-resident Bangladeshis (NRB) and examines the potentials for a cross border exhibition of Bengali films between two Bengals. Furthermore the thesis proposes some infrastructural reforms like developing a unified apex film complex which will comprise a film center, a modern film institute and a digital film production center. Contents

1. Introduction| 5|
2. A brief history of Our Film Audience and Exhibition| 15| 3. Film Exhibition and Distribution Today | 24|
4. Film Audience Today | 38|
5. Film Exhibition and Distribution Tomorrow : Towards Digitization ?| 47| 6. Film Audience Tomorrow| 62|
7. Conclusion| 70|
8. Reference| 72|


I am deeply grateful to all my honorable teachers and fellow students of the department of Media and Communication, Independent University Bangladesh.

I want to thank some individuals who have really inspired me a lot.

First of all, My Supervisor Dr. Zakir Hossain Raju Sir has given me lot of his valuable time and energy for helping me to understand the basic concepts. Dr. Raju has also provided me all sorts of reading and reference materials to guide me in the right direction. Above all he helped me with his deep insight in this research field to help me to explore in the relevant areas. Without his support I simply had no chance of finishing this research work.

Dr. G. M. Shahidul Alam Sir, with his unusual warmth, has always convinced me that I should meet the deadlines and be focused to finish the job in time. He has also given me a valuable interview about the film exhibition of the Sixties.

Mr. Anis Pervez Sir gave me valuable suggestions in the proposal presentation session that I should narrow down my research domain and should concentrate on specific issues.

Mr. Masud Chowdhury Sir, with his affectionate tone , reminded me from time to time to concentrate totally in my research work and to try my level best to improve my skills. His door was always open for us.

Thanks a lot to Tazeen Ahmed Madam and Sifat Azam Madam for always inspiring and encouraging.

Ms. Sharmin Zaman was always kind enough to provide all the necessary official support.

And last of all Mr. Morshed Vai was...
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