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English Thesis
Religion serves as a moral compass for Hamlet, which allows him to develop as he struggles with himself and with others. Throughout the play, you can see how Hamlet refers to religion, especially relating to god, while making his decisions. At times he questions his beliefs and destiny therefore becoming delusional and very much belligerent. Many authors debate Hamlet’s faith as he switches back and forth between revenge and Christianity.

William Hamilton believes that Shakespeare himself is a religious man, which may lead to the conclusion of why Hamlet is greatly influenced by religion. The play must have been based around the time of the renaissance which is religious period in history. Shakespeare sets forth that Hamlet is genuinely evil and an exceptionally heartless murderer. He presents Hamlet by his accomplishment at killing men that have not met religious euphoria with god. The ghost, hamlets dead father, is believed to appear from purgatory. For one the ghost is dressed as a soldier which he believes stands for violence and war. Also, if the ghost was holy, it wouldn’t fade on the crowing of a cock and return after a bloody killing. Only a devil or a demon can present itself in this form. Hamlet dares feel proud to play the role of god deciding who dies. Hamlet becomes a tragedy not of a man who could not make up his mind, but of could not say his prayers.

“Hamlet lacks faith in god and himself. Consequently, he must define his existence in terms of others -William Hamilton.” Hamlet is having trouble figuring out what to do alone since he cannot seek help from anyone about the predicament he is in or he would be referred to as crazy. He believed that this is his prophecy and destiny to listen to what the ghost is saying because religion doesn’t come as a first priority to him.

Hamlet was written during the 16th century during a time that the catholic religion began to branch out into several religions one being Christianity...
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