Thesis Outline

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Title Page
Adviser’s Recommendation Sheet
Dean and Thesis Coordinator’s Acceptance Sheet
Panel’s Approval Sheet
Table of Contents
List of Appendices
List of Figures
List of Tables

Chapter 1
1. Background of the Study
2. Statement of the Problem
1. General Problem
2. Specific Problem
3. Objectives of the Study
1. General Objective
2. Specific Objective
4. Significance of the Study
5. Scope and Limitation

Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature and Studies

Chapter 3
Methodology of the Study

Chapter 4
Theoretical Framework

Chapter 5
Data Gathering Procedures and Output

Chapter 6
Documentation of the Current Status
6.1 Description of the Current System
6.2 Hardware Setup
6.3 Software and Application being used
6.4 Personnel

Chapter 7
Requirement Analysis Specifications

Resource Person


All Thesis Main Documentation should adhere to the following standards:

a. Margins
|Left |Right |Top |Bottom | |1.5” |1.0 |1.0 |1.0 |

b. Font
|1. Text |Tines New Roman |12 |Regular | | | | |*Use Italics or single underline in emphasizing some| | | | |text | |2. Headings or |Times New Roman |12 |Bold | |Sub-headings | | | |

c. Spacing
Double Space

d. Header

College of Computer Studies logo

e. Footer


|Line |Black, 1 pt. | |Text |Times New Roman, size 11, Regular |

f. Pages
Continuous number
There will be no page number for every 1st page of chapter and items before Chapter 1

g. Sub-headings and text
All text and sub-headings should be in the following format as shown be an example


Sprague and Carlson (2005) identify the three fundamental components of DSS….

The methods, techniques, and tools are in great demand to bridge the gap between the Web and database applications so that smooth, interactive, and integrate Web-to-database applications are made possible (Frey, 1996).

h. Bibliography (References and Citations)

This section deals with the nature of reference materials (e.g. Books, Unpublished Materials, journals and Periodicals, etc.). If one wishes to read further in the area of problem or corollary areas. It also speaks of the researcher’s awareness of the literature in his field and his critical resources.


Author : ___________________________________________________ SurnameFirst NameM.I.
Title of the Book : ___________________________________________ Copyright Year : ___________Edition : __________ Publisher : _________________________________________________ Place of Publication : _________________________________________

B. Journals and Magazines...
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