Thesis on Shakespeare

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare, Othello Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Mechy Tal
Thesis: William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare wrote his plays on history. There was something about his plays that all had to do with a certain theme. All the plays that I wrote about had to do with two people in love that died. These plays are very interesting in their own ways. They all had other themes other than being in love with someone or something… These plays are Othello, Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth.

Romeo and Juliet, a play by Shakespeare is centered on obsession. Romeo was a Montague and Juliet was a Capulet. They fell in love at Lord Capulet’s masquerade feast. There’s nothing wrong with Romeo and Juliet falling in love- right? Wrong. The Montague family and the Capulet family hated each other. They have loathed each other for generations… Romeo and Juliet found out about their family’s hate and they thought about how to stay together without having their parents find out that they were together. So every night, Romeo would climb up to Juliet’s balcony so that they could be together. When Romeo and Juliet got married, they tried to be together even more. When Juliet’s father forced her to marry Count Paris, she went to Friar Laurence and he gave her a potion- “On Wednesday night, take this vial and drink it off.” This potion gave Juliet the appearance of death- though she was only sleeping… When Romeo went to Juliet’s grave, he drank poison because he loved Juliet so much, that he died for her. When Juliet awoke, she saw Romeo, dead. “Drunk all, and left no friendly drop to help me after?” (Juliet-pg.153) Juliet killed herself with a knife- because she would do anything to be with Romeo. This was all a misunderstanding. This is an example of obsession…

Othello is another tragedy by Shakespeare. The story’s theme is jealousy. Othello married the beautiful Desdemona who fell in love with Othello when he was telling her father of the brave journeys he went through… When Roderigo and her father found out,...
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