Thesis of Library System

Topics: Library, Library catalog, Librarian Pages: 17 (5265 words) Published: July 25, 2013

A Thesis
Submitted to the Faculty of
Intercity College of Science and Technology
J.P Laurel St, Davao City

In Partial Fulfillment
To the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Submitted by:

Rovilyn P. Abadia

This study entitled “Automated Record Library System of EMAR Learning Center” is about presenting a system that aims to automate the manual library record system of EMAR Learning Center. The automation aims to reduce the process of record keeping and increase the efficiency of the current system. Furthermore, it also sought to determine the benefit that school can get from using the system in terms of speed, accuracy, and reliability. The ideas to form the current of this study were the product of the different concepts and principles, which are original of the authors form different source, and they were fully recognized and acknowledged. After systemic analysis of this study, it has been found out and concluded that the use of the automated record library system increases the speed and accuracy of keeping daily records which makes it more reliable compared to the manual keeping process.

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, this paper entitled, AUTOMATED RECORD LIBRARY SYSTEM OF EMAR LEARNING CENTER, prepared and submitted by Rovilyn P. Abadia, is hereby recommended for approval and acceptance. Mrs. Ma. Riza F. Dayrit, M.M, Ed.D.


Approved by the Committee on Defense on March 2, 2012.

__________________ _________________


Accepted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Mrs. MA. RIZA F. DAYRIT, M.M, Ed.D.
School Administrator

The researcher would like to express his deepest gratitude and appreciation to the following people who have given their time, support and encouragement for the completion of the study. To Dr. Maria Riza Dayrit, the adviser, whose excellence and timely feedback greatly improved the book you read. To Rolen Caren Ares, Jade Ramin, Hazel Pilapil, Rosemarie Obligado for the friendship, knowledge and unwavering love and long string of support, exhibited to the researcher from the beginning up to the end of this book. To Vicente Abadia, Rosita Abadia, Alma Polinar, Jayson Abadia, Naodab Abadia, and Yaoshor Abadia for one big happy family, for their love, care, encouragement, and all out support. Without this loving family none of the researcher’s dream would be made possible. And above all, to the Almighty Father, who is indeed the source of all wisdom and knowledge, grace, and strength to make this study possible.

Chapter I
Background of the Study
In today’s world the existence of the computers greatly affects our society. Even the school embraces the technology to have a much easier work. EMAR Learning Center is a private school here in Davao City located at Matina Crossing. This school was started its operation by the school year 1984-1985. They want to ease their workloads most specifically the record system of their books. The service provided by the librarians goes far beyond getting and arranging library materials. Librarians help anyone who wants assistance in finding and retrieval of information through books. In all kinds of libraries, this service involves teaching people how to use library resources, helping to find the materials to answer their question, and supply answer to those question (Casas, 2000). EMAR Learning Center is struggling for their manual way of recording in their current library system. They found it more hard recording the existing and new incoming books. Also, the record of the list of books borrowed and tracking all the barrowers became their...
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