Thesis of Compiler

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Chapter I

Have we ever noticed some individuals nowadays, how they construct their sentence in a grammar context? Or how they speak? In particularly, students in our present time have difficulties making a simple sentence. It causes low comprehension and lack of vocabulary words. Students nowadays encountered a big problem in terms of translating our very own language to universal language or Filipino to English. In this case student cannot find the right word for their sentence because they cannot find a better and good term for it. The bad result for the student is the low comprehension in terms of writing properly. So what is the used of a “Translator Software”? Why students need to suffer in this situation? “Translator Software” is software that can translate a language to other languages. By using this many individuals help simply understand what is written in other languages. The proposed system is entitled as “Language Translator for CITCS”. It is software made by the researchers to help students to easily translate and understand a sentence input in the translator software.

Background of the Study
Language translator is software that provides vocabulary words for the students of College of Information Technology and Computer Studies. This system is created to be an effective learning tool in terms of translating a language to another language. And it also serves as dictionary to students. The language translator for CITCS has three different languages that can translates the tagalog word into English, Spanish and Niponggo. This study aim to create a language translator that will help a student to teach on how to compose a correct sentence, and how to use a word properly. And the system will not provide a correct translation if the sentence is not properly constructed. The study entitled “Language Translator for CITCS” is computerized software mainly focuses on the vocabularies and comprehension enhancement of the students of CITCS. The administrator of the system is the one who handle about facilities and updating of the software. It can also be used by staff and faculty member for other purposes. And to adopt new words from other languages.

Statement of the Problem

Main Problem
Some of the students are not good in English vocabulary words and not good in constructing of sentences. Specific Problems
1. Low vocabulary word of student
2. Students have difficulties finding the meaning for a new word they encountered. 3. Low comprehension of a student

General Objective
To develop a system that will help a student to enhance their vocabulary words. And to teach them in correct usage of word in a sentence. Specific Objectives
1. Help student find the meaning in every word they encountered. 2. Motivate student to enhance their vocabulary word. 3. Help student to gain new word and enhance their comprehension.

Ho: The proposed system will not help the student of CITCS to enhance their comprehension and vocabulary word by using the language translator

Conceptual and Theoretical Framework


Figure 1

In fig. 1 shows the basis for the language translator. The researchers develop a system that will help the students in CITCS to enhance their mind ability by using other languages in terms of constructing a sentence. The inputs were divided into three parts which are the knowledge, software, and hardware requirements, which served as the essential factors to consider creation of the system. The process consists of the methods used by the researchers in order to come up to the complete requirements and information needed to enhance the system. The output is the come up of the input and...
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