Thesis Methodology

Topics: Systems Development Life Cycle, Software development process, Software engineering Pages: 6 (1276 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Experimentation and testing is necessary to evaluate the accuracy and characteristics of each proposed system. The results from the experiments provide vital information that can be used to perfect the configuration of each system as well as choose the optimal design for a given condition.

This chapter presents the discussion of the design project, the methods and procedure by the researchers to finish this proposal.











Design Procedure
Generally, the proponents have considered several ideas which led to the proposal of this design. After which, the researchers identified the techniques on gathering data which includes research in libraries, internet, as well as referring to some related studies from different universities.

To come up with an advanced output, the proponents considered the pre-design and the design stage to maintain the steps in developing the Hotel Reservation System. Pre-design Stage:
Study of the software to be used
Setting of the operation
Formulation of the GUI
Design Stage:
* Design and layout of the program
* Development of program to be used
Testing and Simulation:
* Running of the program
* Pre-testing: Simulations

Pre-Design Stage
The first step in the process is to gather and analyze information and perform all the work necessary prior to actually designing the software.  Gathering data from several types of sources are clearly realized in this stage. Initially the concepts from these resources are analyzed to determine different considerations in the creation of this project. Consequently, familiarization on various programming languages should also be attained for arriving at the best outcome for the design. Data-Gathering Instrument and Procedures

These are the instruments or tools for gathering data in research used as basis for drawing conclusions or making inferences. Some of these tools are questionnaires, interviews, research and analysis used by the proponents as they conduct the proposed study. Interview

An Interview is defined as a meeting of two people face to face to present about something or an act of questioning to receive a desired answer that is necessary in solving a specific problem. This is where data gathering occurs by asking questions for much needed information from the interviewee verbally and directly. Research

Research is simply, the systematic search for relevant information on a specific topic or problem. It is systematic study or investigation or something for the purpose of answering questions posed by the researcher. Questionnaire

A pre-written series of questions used ingathering important information’s from one or more persons. This will be given to the individual who have a direct bearing of the study and in order to satisfy the proponent’s goal that is to get and measure the opinions, polls and attitude of the respondents of the study. Analysis

Analysis is the process of breaking-up the whole study into its basic parts of the categories according to the specific questions under the statement of the problem. This is to bring out into focus the essential feature of the study. Design Stage and Study Design

The research study provided a framework a systems study that would address the study’s goals, objectives and questions. This section summarizes the overall study design and the extent of data resulting from this approach.

The study design reflects the original flow from the preliminary activities the initiated activities the study and the development of the preliminary conceptual model through the data collection and analysis, the improvement of the conceptual model, and the articulation of a set of...
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