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Thesis in English

By | Jan. 2012
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Thesis in English

(Does having a Family problem affect the academic performance of the high school students of MMCA?)

RalF C. Biazon Daisy Rogelio IV – Titus English Teacher Chapter 1
The Problem and its Background

-In every family, there’s always a problem. And when there’s a problem, sometimes it leads to a big one. That’ why I pick this topic to find a solution and find out why there are families that has a problem and can’t worked out by the family and more importantly for the students. Family problem is one of the reasons why students stop their studies and because they stop their studies, they will not have a better future. In this topic, the researcher will be able to try a solution to answer this problem, to find out how problem of the families will be worked out. •Background of the Study•

-The main reason why I pick this topic because of some of my classmates say that the reason why they try to do some of the vices and disrespect not only to their parents but also to their teachers is because they want to forget their problems inside their homes.

-The hypothesis of the given research is the topic itself.
•Statement of the Problem•
-The problem to this topic is how to find a solution to solve this kind of research. It’s also hard to find a sample for this research because some of the student doesn’t want to let someone to know about his personal life including his/her family. •Theoretical Framework•

-This kind of problem is very common on the students and this also one of the reasons why they can’t focus on their studies and it will affect their academic performance when they have problems inside the house and release it on the school. This study must be accurate to find the reasons of this problem. •Significance of the Study•

-This study is also related to the relationship of the student to their parents. Some of the students...

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