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Topics: Project management, Scientific method, Research Pages: 5 (891 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Diss Topic--> E-Business Models & Strategies

Aim--> To investigate various business models & strategies for business 2 business markets.

Obj--> √ To investigate B2B e-business models.
√ Compare benefits and limitations of some e-business medels. √ Exploring usefullness of e-business models and startegies in general and in B2B approach.

Notes--> May include a small case study to support our study. --> Materials from journals, Articals, previous diss if needed, internet with citation and references. --> *harvard style of citation and referencing*

--> Good and fully supporting Literature Review
--> Methodology as per your writing experience (mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods) --> Chapter Based Contents.
--> Conclusion at the end.

Need to prepare Proposal First... your aim is to explain what project you intend to carry out, why you think

it is a sensible project, and how you are planning to go about it. You should produce this as a paper with a

maximum of 3000 words with referencing.

** Structure to follow

Section 1 – project specification

You should provide a clear explanation of your project. For example if your project is connected with your

workplace you could describe the type of organisation you work for and the problem that needs addressing.

It is critical that in this section you include your main objectives, in a clear and well argued fashion. A

set of bullet points, one for each main objective is advisable. You must seek to offer a convincing set of

objectives which form the basis for a research project which is appropriate for Masters level. This section should be 700 words maximum.

Section 2 – rationale

You should aim to offer a persuasive reason why your selected topic is important and interesting. This will

need to be based on relevant literature, at least some of which should be research literature. This section should be 1000 words maximum.

Section 3 – justified methodology

Here you should explain which development approach and/or research method(s) you are going to use. You should

explain how you are going to select your development approach and how you are going to apply research methods

in your project.

It is NOT sufficient to describe a method or approach and say you are going to use it. For example: (a) If

you are going to do a survey, you need to say what your population is and how you are going to select your

sample. You will also need to say what type of questions (open, closed, etc.) you are expecting to use, and

how you are going to validate the questions before you use them in the survey. You will need to discuss what

sort of data you expect to collect and how you intend analysing it. (b) If you are going to do a case study,

you will need to argue how and why you chose to use this method, how you will choose the subject(s) for the

study, and how you plan to proceed.

Furthermore you need to explain why you have selected a particular approach – and why you have rejected

others. The key point is that you need to offer convincing reasons why your chosen method(s) are appropriate

ways of pursuing your research objectives and gathering relevant information.

You should aim to justify your choice of method(s) by (at a minimum) comparing your chosen method(s) with a

selection of other possible alternatives. Moreover you should be able to justify your choice at the

methodological level as well as at the level of the specific tools and techniques you plan to use.

You should discuss any ethical issues that your project might raise. If you believe that it raises no ethical

issues you should state this and justify it.

This section should be 1300 words maximum

Section 4 – project plan

Your objectives form the starting point for this part of the proposal. You need to think what major tasks you

will need to perform in...
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