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Video Game Overuse.

Date of Submission: February 28, 2011

Expected Date of Completion: March 2011

Thesis Supervisor: Mrs. Maricor I. Tancinco

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Chapter 2. METHODOLOGY 2


Chapter 4. CONCLUSIONS 10

Chapter 5. BIBLIOGRAPHY 11



Video game addiction, often considered a form of computer addiction or internet addiction, has had more and more press over the years. Video games include computer games, console games, arcade machine games, and even cell phones, PDA, and advanced calculator games. Since the 1950s, gaming has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Some of the addictive games now a days are the DOTA, World of War Craft, Call of Duty, Cross Fire and Grand Theft Auto which are mostly Violent for Kids.

People have recently become concerned about the long-term effects of video game playing, particularly on children. Concernly speaking, there are already talks of rehab centers opening (e.g Rehab Center in Tavistock UK) for those that had been diagnosed by their GP or even their Parents, as having problems with their Gaming Habits. For this situation to stop, it is going to take a combined effort on the part of people mainly the Elders who can help control the causes of this addiction by Limiting their time in gaming.

This Research was focused mostly on the youngsters or the teenagers, who are tremendously affected by Games of sorts especially the Violent ones, which can lead them to having an undesirable behavior.

This research was conducted in order to determine in which of the stages of life does videogame influences a big part on, why Gaming is considered Harmful and to find out the possible effects of Game addiction in a person’s life. To further bring us to our goal, a guided survey was made. Survey Questionnaires were distributed to random students of our school and to some outsiders, mixed with adults and youngsters, which are mostly gamers. We Guided them while they answer to ensure that they’re being honest. The survey included some Yes or No questions to determine whether they consider Playing games rather than doing anything else. We also included choices of time to find out how long People this days, spend time Playing Games. The survey also had a Question asking about why they think Video Games are can bring harm to a person. We did surveys on the internet, where in, we interviewed some people we know. Along with the primary data, we also made use of secondary resources in the form of published articles and some information’s on the internet for more facts to support the Survey Results. After the last set of survey was given, the results were summed up and analyzed properly.

Results and Discussions

People Gaming for long hours: 65%
People Gaming for a short time: 35%
Majority is that most of the respondents spends long hours in gaming, which can bring some of them near to addiction, and some admitted that they are already addicted and there’s no day that they don’t use their computer or other game consoles. Some people love the mental stimulation that word games or puzzles provide. Other people love to play mindless little addictive games that pass the time between periods of activity and yet still...
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