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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Chapter 1


Background of the Problem
The interest for developing a field of game research has steadily been growing over the last few years. However, games vary greatly not only in content and game play, but also in medium of development and why they are played which offers many approaches to the subject. Mobile devices has recently been advancing and succeeding in managing task which was originally set for desktop computers. Mobile app development is obtaining its popularity as a mobile game trade and it is blooming together with the latest technologies. Android primarily based mobile phone is getting a lot to attention of the people who like alternative mobile phones within the market. Within the field of mobile games development, android is booming because it encourages a private entertainment within the mobile phones. The researchers proposed “Mobile Game: DV Neutron” that aims to develop a mobile game application that encourages a personal pleasure within the phones.

Review of Related Literature
This part discusses some important studies which are important to the study. According to Dawson (2011), today’s recent development of mobile application has reached a high demand on today’s cellular market. He also emphasize that the world is moving at a place where technology is on a day to day upgrade. Based on the description given by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (p.64 2012), mobile game is a video game played on a cell phone, smart phone, PDA, tablet or any portable devices. Furthermore, the given definition of “touch screen” is an electronic display that has the ability to identify the tactile presence and location within display area. Generally, it refers to touching devices display with a finger or hand. Android, the world’s most popular mobile platform (, is one platform that uses the touch screen technology. In addition, based on Wikipedia (2012),...