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Thesis Formatting

Your thesis must be presented in a permanent and legible form in print. Photographic and other illustrations should be permanently mounted on A4 size paper and bound in with the thesis; you may not use sellotape or similar materials.

A4 size paper (210 x 297 mm) should be used. Plain white paper must be used, of good quality and of sufficient opacity for normal reading. Only one side of the paper may be used. Candidates in the fields of Fine Art, Design, Architecture and Town Planning may submit in A3 and/or double sided - full details in the Regulations at

Margins at the binding edge must be not less than 40 mm (1.5 inches) and other margins not less than 20 mm (.75 inches). Double or one-and-a-half spacing should be used in typescripts, except for indented quotations or footnotes where single spacing may be used.

All pages must be numbered in one continuous sequence, i.e. from the title page of the first volume to the last page of type, in Arabic numerals from 1 onwards. This sequence must include everything bound in the volume, including maps, diagrams, blank pages, etc. Any material which cannot be bound in with the text must be placed in a pocket inside or attached to the back cover or in a rigid container similar in format to the bound thesis (see also section 9 below).

Title Page
The title page must bear the following:

the officially-approved title of the thesis
the candidates full name as registered
the institution name 'UCL'
the degree for which the thesis is submitted
The title page should be followed by a signed declaration that the work presented in the thesis is the candidate’s own e.g. ‘ I, [full name] confirm that the work presented in this thesis is my own. Where information has been derived from other sources, I confirm that this has been indicated in the thesis.'

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