Thesis: Food Safety

Topics: Hygiene, Food safety, Food Pages: 24 (6470 words) Published: October 11, 2012
The Problem and Its Background

Jolly-jeeps are small cafeteria beside large office buildings that offer good food in a cheap price. On its early years it’s just a simple "karinderia" canteen. Since many office workers find cheaper food rather than eating everyday in a fast food. These karinderias find way to sell their delicious home-made foods to the business district. If you're a full grown Filipino you wouldn’t miss the chance to eat or have like to be in Jollibee when you were young. That’s were exactly where “jolly-jeeps” name came from. A brief history of the famous Filipino fast food Jollibee is they started selling hamburgers and hotdog buns in a jeep like canteen. They load their jeeps with foods at the morning and off to their destination to sell their goodies and go home with the same jeep at night. And so on it became successful and opens its own stalls all around the Makati Business District. So in its popularity and origin, canteens just like jolly-jeep even though sometimes it’s more like just a canteen with out the wheels anymore and just waiting for a delivery of their products that they sell. This study focused on their sanitation practices. Since these food serving establishments are very in demand and loved by people, the second concern on being practical is safety. These food establishments serve their foods exposed to the open. Some respondents commented that they are still not comfortable to some things and procedures that these establishments offer. Questions run in their mind and the researchers are here to find out how they do it. In order to support concern about this matter the researchers found a strict order to maintain proper food safety in food serving establishments. To reduce the incidence of food borne diseases, the Department on the Ministry of Health of the Philippines has a food sanitation program aimed at ameliorating food sanitation conditions through improved training and supervision of personnel responsible for food sanitation and more effective implementation of the Code on Sanitation. Food sanitation seminars, especially for food handlers, are conducted at the national, provincial and municipal levels. A Basic food laws is embodied in the following legislative act and presidential decree namely: Presidential Decree No. 856 or the Code on Sanitation covers the sanitation of food service establishments.

All food establishments are required to obtain a license to operate, Inspection, which is renewable annually. Food establishments, when found operating under unhygienic conditions or not in accordance with the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), are required to stop their operation, and the license is suspended. If the management fails to institute corrective measures, the license to operate may be permanently revoked. To monitor the health of food handlers, such persons are required to obtain a health certificate before they are employed.

Background of the Study
Jolly – jeeps are small stalls of karinderia beside large office buildings that offer good foods in a cheap price. It became successful and can be seen around the Makati Business District. The reason for its success is because Filipinos nowadays are thrifty and they find a way to spend less but will satisfy them more. They found these categories in a karinderia like jolly – jeep, cheap yet delicious. But often some of these establishments tend to take for granted the cleanliness of the food that they are selling which is the most important factor that they should be aware of.

This study focused on their sanitation practices. It is the responsibility of every person working in the food establishment to keep things clean and sanitized. Effective cleaning of equipment reduces the chances of food contamination during preparation (some jolly – jeeps use disposables which are more appropriate), storage, and service. Cleaning is concerned with the removal of...
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