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Topics: Debt, Loan, Predatory lending Pages: 4 (960 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Title: Loan/Lending System
Background of the Study
Most Lending companies have voluntary contributions if there are problems with the other members of the organization including death and hospitalization. They serve the members by providing basic services along with other development opportunities for their socio-economic progress. They also build a meaningful partnership among the members through open and honest consultations. They respect and value not only the members, but also the employees and the community. Lending companies acknowledge the value of each employee and members and their contribution in achieving company goals. They contribute to the well-being of the members and show them appreciation for their trust. •Statement of Objectives

oGeneral Objectives
To sustain the cash needs of the company employees and also employer. To give fund for the underemployed.

oSpecific Objectives
To help other people for getting fund for their each business. it provide the required amount to the needy individual
To lessen the workers of the Company.
To get the money easier.

Significance of the Study
oThis study is made to improve loan system used by employees and self-employed personnel. oThe importance of this study is to improve not only the individual members but also the administrator as whole to promote unifying Filipino values that encourage members to activity participate and continuously patronize the cooperative service.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

The Loan/Lending system, will replace the old paper based system used by Loan/Lending System. The Loan/Lending System shall be used by the company’s administrator to assess the interest or calculate the annual strain without having problem computing.

The system shall be programmed and designed VB.NET. The database which will contain all the data borrower or employer will be stored and kept secure using with Microsoft Database Access...
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