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Chapter I

1.1Background of the Problem
Praise Christian Fellowship (PCF) is a Christian Church founded on June 2006. It was established by Pastor Sandy San Diego and his family. Their purpose is to build a community of people to share words of God and having one God, Non – believers to believers and every believer as a leader. The vision of the church is to make fruitful Disciples of Christ who honor God and love people. In the 5 years of the Church existence, God has honored their church by growing from 35 people in 2006 to around 300 people in 2011, from 1 worship service to 3 worship services and from 1 care group to 30. It was accompanied by much fear and praying and being desperate for God to make sure this was what He wanted. As they added the third worship service, not knowing if it can be sustained, 300 people attend the worship center every Sunday. But with that many people, it has become more complicated yet fulfilling, tiring yet satisfying, privileged yet overwhelmed. As the responsibility grows bigger, the lead Pastor feels more limited and more desperate for God. They were so blessed with a core team of leaders who are willing to rise up to the challenge of caring and raising more leaders.

Therefore, in order to help the church and the Pastor to invite more people and let them feel the true presence of God, we, together with Pastor Sandy as a team decided to develop a website where it will be easier to advertise and encourage people to join God’s community. It will be also a big help to them so they can get in touch with the members through internet.

1.2Overview of the Current State of Technology
Praise Christian Fellowship is a Christian church that currently uses their members to invite people by their inviting theme called “invest and invite”. Mario San Diego and Ruth San Diego, as the church’s heads are the ones who are responsible in encouraging people by making blogs and posting such events in Facebook and uploading photos on multiply. Also, the head pastor is only posting his blogs for the church’s sponsors on a simple blog site. And as the members of the church, it is not that easy to encourage people even more when they wanted to share it to people who live in a place where they can’t reach them easily. As we all know, the internet is the biggest trend nowadays and it is the most used in advertising of almost all companies. It will be a big hint if the church will have their own website in which the proponents’ works will be much more easy than the usual and by this website, they can invite more people especially when we can post the events and what’s happening in the church/. Therefore, the proponents decided to make it as a subject for their Thesis 0. The success of this proposed website will also be imparted to the Praise Christian Fellowship and to the proponents as well.

1.3 Project Rationale
* The company will benefit itself, because their church and its pastor will have its own website, which is now a trend in the industry and in which to use it to invite people to the church and let the non-members know the current and upcoming events. The members of the church will also benefit from it because they can easily know what is going on in the church by viewing the website. * In terms of experience, the proponents also benefited in this study, because it widens the capability of the proponents to create their target program with the help of planning, researching, designing, developing and more. It is great experience for them in terms of conducting research like thesis writing.

Chapter II
Project Description

2.1 Problem Statement
2.1.1 Major Statement
* How will the proponents create a website for the Praise Christian Fellowship - Novaliches (PCF) church?

2.1.2 Minor Statements
* How will the proponents create a module that can post the current events? * How will the proponents create a module that can view...
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